Our Services

Litigation & Arbitration

ILO offers full range of services of litigation and arbitration. We deal with all types of disputes, both Civil and Criminal. We are able to advise at any stage of matters including the “Out Of The Box” situation. We also have the sense to indentify dispute potential and able to advise clients to minimize risk exposure and move client position as far as possible from litigation or arbitration situation. However we also fully understand the meaning of litigation and arbitration as negotiation tools to achieve business goals.

Corporate & Commercial Aspects

ILO and or the partners provide legal services for every type of business and commercial activity. We able to represent individuals, private and public companies and multinational corporations in a broad range of commercial transactions. We provide advise on foreign direct investment in Indonesia including company establishment, corporate compliance and regulatory issues, employment and land aquisition.

Capital Market & Finance

ILO and or the partners are experienced in advising and representing clients in various capital market and financial transactions. In capital market sector, we represent issuers and underwriters. In financial sector, we are experienced in advising clients with comprehensive range of debt restructuring, syndicated loans, bilateral lending, and project financing.