About The Firm

ILLUMINER LAW OFFICE (“ILO”) was incorporated in 2018, with enthusiasm to explore and develop legal knowledge, method and apply it as the main role of a comprehensive business strategy to achieve our client’s business goal. This is what we call as “BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION“.

We understand that legal aspects are multidimensional issues which consist of legal knowledge, regulation and practice. Althougt ILO is newly incorporated, however our Partners are experienced in legal practice more than 10 years. Therefore our experince shall Illuminate our business partners on every legal issues that may occured.

Our main focus areas are Corporate and Commercial, Capital Market and Finance, Taxation, Labor, Litigation and Arbitration as part of risk management

We believe that our Partners experience  are qualify enough and shall meet our client expectation to assist our client expectation to assist our client in full range of business aspects. We also assure that our lawyers are fully dedicated to handle client needs.

We have a reasonable cost for our services according to scope of work and the client’s financial ability. We are also ready for retainer scheme with monthly reasonable cost starting from $80 per hour.